Travel Around Rizal for only Php750

December 15, 2017

Quick getaway has been a thing for us weekend warriors. Wanting to hike a mountain, swim in the falls, chill while watching the windmills and visit a museum but only have a day to spare? Believe it or not, it is possible! Already tried it myself and boy, it was uuuhhmazing! The best part? I traveled around Rizal for just Php750!

At first, I thought this itinerary isn't doable (maybe when doing DIY tour because transfers would be of hassle plus costly) but thanks to the arranged joiner tours, you have an option to do what you think is impossible. Ayt. Here's the highlight of our whole day itinerary:


0200 : Meet up at Mcdo LRT Gil Puyat beside Jac Liner
0245 : Pick up at Jollibee Cubao
0500 : Treassure Mountain (photo opp, chill, breakfast)
0900 : Daranak Falls (swimming)
1300 - Pillilia WindFarm (photo opp)
1400 - Pinto Art Museum
1600 - Back to Manila

Treasure Mountain. This was dubbed as an "effortless hike to sea of clouds" for a reason. Maximum time you will spend trekking to see this breathtaking view is less than an hour. There's also an option to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle) for Php50/head.

We've started hiking around 4:15am and arrived in campsite around 5:30am in time for the sunrise! Here's a short travel video by Kier that sums up our Treasure Mountain experience. The view was just magical!

Next stop, Daranak Falls. Just like how each waterfall I've seen left me in awe, this one's no exception. I can literally feel the urge to jump right in when I saw this beauty. Too bad I wasn't feeling well when we got here so I opt to just watch it from afar.

BONUS: If this isn't enough for you to dive in, there's another waterfall (Batlag Falls) right above it that is just a 5-minute walk away. Entrance fee is at Php100/head.

After dipping in the cold waterfall, a wash-up is surely a must. There is an available comfort room in the area -- but every transaction has corresponding amount. Peeing, Pooping and Shower ranges from Php5 - Php20.

Next on our list, the giant fans of Pililla Windfarm! It's always been my goal to go to Ilocos to see the Bangui Wind Farm. Good thing that I don't need to travel that far to see the same because there's one here in Rizal.

There are several stores where you can buy snacks, drinks and souvenirs around the area.

To cap off the day, our last stop is Pinto Art Museum. Save the best for the last they say! Everything in this place was picturesque!

How all of these destinations (plus entrance fees!) have fit in just Php 750? 
We've joined an arranged tour! I've been a believer before that the cheapest way to travel is to DIY but lo and behold, here's another way. Been to Rizal several times, and for me the easiest way to go one place to another is to take a tricycle. But fare always ranges from Php100 - Php150 / head which might cost you more than joining a tour.

Our tour organizer is Byaheng Aya which offers affordable, budget-friendly tour packages in several areas. You might want to check their Facebook page for future events, I highly recommend this group! Thanks to the ever kind Mara (Aya) and Ralph for a fun-filled day of tour! We've enjoyed a lot!

Photos by Kier

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