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Start of Something New

Start of something new. A phrase that first comes to my mind whenever I am up to something unfamiliar. Today I am using this phrase once more because I am (re)starting in this little space that I once called as "blogging".

Mister Kabab

Frequenting in nearby food places and trying out different dish has been a habit with colleagues throughout 2015. Sharing thoughts and talks over a dining table? Why not, right?

Comfort Zone

Finally posting my first blog entry for 2016 after asfjhjahwms years! Honestly, updating this blog has been crossed out on my priority list on the past months and that, oh well, sucks.

Summer Gown

Since Summer season started in the Philippines, I have began to spy online to score for new maxi dresses - a piece that never goes out of style in this season.


Whenever my family will eat out, RACKS is always in the list of our go-to place -especially their SM Mall of Asia branch since this is the nearest (and most ideal mall to go to most of the time) from their home.

Blurred Lines

Blurred lines - today these two words are more recognized as a song title from 2013 hit by Robin Thicke, Pharrelle Williams and T.I that has an 18+ only sensual music video uploaded online.

Greenbelt Park

One of my 2015 goals is to do park hopping around the metro - and I want to do it this coming summer. I got to visit one a month ago and I really want to go back and spend another weekend doing nothing but to stare in the greens of nature while watching the fishes swimming in their little oasis. It was such an astonishing scenery to look at given that you are not seeing this on a daily basis. Yay.

Nautical on Valentine

It's Valentine's Day today! I'm fortunate that it's my off at work now so I had a chance to come with my boyfriend to Graduate School where he is taking up his Master's Degree. Decided to wear something red that's appropriate color for this day and end up having a nautical number. Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Jose Rizal Shrine

Today is holiday! -- And to most employees like me, it's long weekend (but not for me L ) but at least I had a chance to squeeze the things I need to do today, including updating this blog.

Chicken Charlie

Finally got time to compose another blog post after more than a month! The past month has been a crazy one at work but still I still managed to squeeze a Summer adventure with friends before my schedule gets tight.

Saturday in Sunday Dress

Saturday off at work are what I am looking forward to lately because it makes me live longer on week ends where I usually just resting for a day - at Sunday.

The iScreamist

It has always been our barkada's plan to roam around the recently popularized area in Quezon City, the Maginhawa Street. We finally did but got a little time to stroll in the area so we hit a dessert bar instead. Its always a wise choice for us to follow our sweet tooth - talk about priorities! J

Kaunis Beauty and Wellness Center

Relaxing and unwinding in a spa has been a part of my life nowadays. Since I entered the corporate world, it has been a very effective stress reliever - and a way of self-pampering at the same time. It is my way of recharging and refueling my body every now and then. Because it has been a regular activity, I have been a hunter for affordable spa center in and around the metro -  but this will be the first time that I will be writing about it.

Shift to Shift

Lately, I've been living in a one-step dressing both for work and personal pursuit.

Fairview Terraces

One Friday last month, my college barkada decided to visit yet another place within the city I live in - the Fairview Terraces.