Hey There!

I'm Priscilla, a full-time marketer by profession.
Project Priscilla is a personal virtual diary of my daily adventures and musings.
"Project Priscilla" being an operative phrase because I personally believe that I will always be a work-in-progress in all aspects of this quarter life. I know I have a lot to explore and discover to contribute to my personal growth and guess what? I am ready to take all in!
What I am doing outside office hours? When I am not at the office, you can find me doing any of these things:


 - Rummaging the nearest thrift store, department store or bazaar -- looking for the cheapest cloth I can add to my closet
 - People watching in the park while breathing a fresh air -- this is my "appreciating nature moment"
- Sitting in a coffee shop (or restaurant) with a great ambiance -- with my laptop either.
- Watching people -- (always! haha!)
- Window shopping online
 - Obsessing in Pinterest's fashion and DIY boards
 - Looking for other food and beverage places with great ambiance
 - At home procrastinating while playing with my cat in bed or
  •  - Making digital marketing content for my side jobs
     - At a computer shop playing DotA with my friends
     - TRAVELLING -- with friends and loved ones because I can never go alone
Thank you for dropping by!